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Co-Founder and 3D Artist

Lluis Cuenca

Lluis is a 3D Artist based in Mallorca who specializes in architectural visualization. He started freelancing in 2014 while studying industrial and electronic engineering. Lluis has collaborated with different clients and developed his skills until 2018, when he started Archviz Mallorca. He worked at Foster+Partners in London in 2019 before returning to Archviz Mallorca in 2020 with more experience. Lluis is known for his expertise in light and color to create stunning compositions.

Co-Founder and 3D Artist

Marc Daviu

Marc is an Interior Designer and 3D Artist based in Mallorca. After starting his studies in Industrial Engineering in 2012, he discovered his true passion for Art and Design in 2013. Marc began studying Interior Design and 3D, honing his skills as a 3D artist. In 2018, started Archviz Mallorca with Lluis. In 2019, Marc became a certified Corona Renderer Instructor. Today, Marc is a dedicated 3D expert who constantly updates his knowledge and skills.

3D Artist

Joanmi Blanch

Joanmi is a CG Animator and 3D Artist based in Mallorca. He developed an interest in 3D at the age of 12, inspired by films and video games. He began his formal training in 3D Animation, Modeling, and Interactive Environments at 18. During his company internship at Archviz Mallorca at the age of 19, he became particularly interested in Visual Architecture. Today, Joanmi specializes in 3D techniques and continues to evolve as a 3D Artist at Archviz Mallorca.

Graphic Designer

Loida Simarro

Loida is a Graphic Designer and Visual Artist based in Mallorca. She is passionate about various fields of design, including editorial design, photography, branding, and art direction, as well as UI design and digital platforms. Her passion for creativity has been evident since a young age, and in 2021 she obtained her university degree in Graphic Design from the Escola d'Art i Superior de les Illes Balears. Today, Loida continues to evolve creatively and is helping Archviz Mallorca elevate their final presentations to the highest quality.

Graphic Designer

Lorine Boucher

Lorine is a Graphic Designer and Visual Artist based in Mallorca. She specialized in shop and stand design during her studies of Space and Volume Communication in Lille, France. As part of her education, she completed an Erasmus program in Graphic Design in Naples and an internship at Creative Tangerines in Mallorca. After finishing her studies, Lorine worked as a graphic designer at Dressler Partner before moving to Mallorca. Today, Lorine is helping Archviz Mallorca with their social media and digital advertising efforts.

Office Security


Rocky is a Nap Professional and Office Security Guard based in Mallorca, and one of the longest-standing members of the Archviz Mallorca team. He has been with us since the beginning, providing motivation and keeping us smiling even during the toughest times. Rocky is fluent in Spanish, Catalan, English, and French, and he serves as our in-house translator. He's known for his love of napping and playing ball, and if you visit our office, you absolutely must stop by and say hello to him!



Our small studio is located in Palma, Mallorca, the island where we grew up. Here, in between the smell of the sea and the mediterranean sun, far away from the hustle and bustle of the world, we try to figure out new and exciting ways to unify Architecture, Photography, 3D and Art.

The idea when we founded Archviz Mallorca was that we could make a difference for architects by making truly photorealistc but artistic visuals to let them show and represent architecture in the most unique and close way to their ideas. For us, architectural visualization is the best way to sell and help understand an unbuild project but also a great opportunity to express the feeling attached to it through Composition, Light and Color.

“We believe that uniqueness is worth fighting for and that Art can change things for the better” - Mir


Renovated in 2023, our new office offers a tranquil space designed to inspire artists. With spacious interiors and clean lines, our minimalist environment fosters creativity and clarity of thought. Join us for a coffee and let your imagination soar in our elegant and inspiring workspace.

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